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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 14, 2012 1:05am-1:40am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: dan deacon, his album is called "america", it is out now. i want to thank dan, carson daly, zachary knighton, and i want to apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time for him. he will be rescheduled. thank you for watching and good night.
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>> sky 7 hd over east bay plant where a massive fair gutted the building and forced people to get out fast. good evening. >> we are now learning what was happening at the time this fir broke out. those flames quickly engulfed cnh enterprise
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at pwoing avenue not far from interstate 6 80. amma is at the scene for us live tonight with the latest. >>reporter: it really is fortunate that nobody was injured in this fire. cnh enterprise known for precision machining, we will go fabricating that means that inside this building here they had things leak combustible oi oil, flammable gas, metal shavings all burning. there is a machine shop as well as some offices one of the employee tolds me that he believes the fir began near one of the machines. with you building is so badly burned nobody has been let inside so investigators still don't know exactly what caused the fire cnh enterprise in free mont a mere shell of whether it was hours ago. firefighters don't yet know what sparked the intensely hot fire that tore through the building interior early in the afternoon. sky 7 hd conspire toured the billowing black smoke that could be seen for
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miles. >> it was fully involved when we arrived. >>reporter: there were approximately 60 mye ins the building when the fair broke out. all manageed to escape unharmed, n triedone man tried t out the fire. >> several business house next cure including a painting company were evacuated as precaution. the building spared. >> fire wall held well and designed what it was to do significant loss on one side of the wall and ready to good on the other side. >>reporter: dnh make component of aluminum used in semiconductor industry. initially concern about hazardous materials burning so nearby businesses were told to shelter in place while air quality if or assessed the risk. it was derl the fair was no more dangerous than regular house fire. >> nothing left. just incredible how fast it went. >>reporter: steve is director of operation and says the company has very good insuranc
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insurance. >> the employee will be covered as far as loss of salary and wages. >>reporter: original building was burned so ba'ath badly firefighters were unable to go inside. >> rav fell through early in the fire and unsafe until we have day late again and we have building construction engineers come down and kuhan of stabilize it for us. one of the fares told me that there was no sprinkler system inside the building and battalion chief tells me that would have helped a lot but the older buildings just don't have the systems in place yet. new cnh plans to meet with the employe employees to talk about what is next. they hope to get a temporary location to get business back up and running. this is 7 news. >> okay thanks so much. >> we have a frosty night ahea ahead. let's check in now with sandhya with the look at chill and radar tonight. >> looking at ice cold night
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again as a matter of fact we have frost advisory going up shortly. you will see the clouds high level clouds approaching ukiah but not quite there to temperature falling an falling fast lack at the numbers. 34 degrees 34 in santa rosa 2 degrees shy of freezing. 35 in nap a.36 degrees in fairfield. temperatures expected to drop more east bay interior valley northern salinas valley under frost advisory 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. h1n1 a&m. watch out for sidewalks slippery and if the chill wasn't enough you will need to bunch you up when you head out the door in the morning. when you need the umbrella i'll let you know. some systems are headed your way. >> see you soon. >> developing news. woman is recovering tonight after falling into the bay off the embarcadero in san francisco. it happened between the waterfront restaurant and the ferry building. she was rescued quickly by fair crew.
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the chief tells us she appeared intoxicated. she has been taken to hospital as precautio precaution. >> some bart station hot spots for criminals especially during the holiday season. allen reports now from the west he can land part station where armed escorts are walking passengers to the cars tonight. >> incense man see as lot at the west oakland bart station selling his goods. >> patient just walked off thought she was safe and going to her car and guy ran by grabbed her stuff and took off running. >>reporter: more of the crimes happen around the holiday. especially with bart passengers returning home after day of shopping tonight bart and oakland police private security guards and sentence volunteers are offering free nighttime escorts for passengers walking to their cars. michelle took advantage of it. >> holiday season so people are really amped up trying to get
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ready for the hotel difficult and do any way they can. so better to be safe than sorry, the large scale program is just for one night. bart says it provides assistance year-round. >> any time bart customer would lick an escort to the car all they have to dies ask the station agent or they can telephone bart police. >> main purpose of this program is to teach passengers not to look like easy pray. >> don't disprabingt walking and talking on the phone or listening to music. don't wear nashy jewelry. make eye contact with people and be aware of your surroundings in a nutshell they are trying to get more people to be street smart. this is abc 7 news. >> new at 11. 36 hour crime sprae targeting pharmacy have pleasanton and dublin police lacking for team of crook they believe is working together. this map shows the fore stores the men targeted today and last night. the robber handed over a similar note demaning
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prescription drugs and claiming to be armed. >> massive cyberattack is expected to be unleashed in the coming months and the tashingt could be your bank account. plan apparently involves dozens of banks. lil yap is here with what we know about this and how to protect your money. >> reports of circulating since october that the particular cyberattack in the planning stages. well today mcfee corroborated the reports and the attack is planned forth spring. i we weren't tiny form consumers the attack is co-be aware. >>reporter: they have been investigating for most and computer security company says the evidence is clear. hackers planning to attack the bank account. mcfee so far detected hundreds of computers infected with a virus master minded by somebody in russian 8. when you try to log in a financial institution that's when the virus amity vaits and replicate indicate or clone your p c many
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to a server in russia and once they clone they try to use in the bank. >>reporter: they funnel money from bank accounts including wells fargo city bank and chas chase. the hope is that the financial industry way of dealing with cyberthief over the years will minimize loss. a management company says this. >> utility company that deal in it. they have the resource also. have to keel with these sort of issues but it's the cost of doing bi-he says the plan involves targeting people of high net worth but all customers are advised to make sure the anti-virus surf wear is working the way it should. >> potential for attack. we think the lakely hood is high. why won't you. >>reporter: mcfee is coordinating with law enforcement officials and working with several bank to prepare them for the potential
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attack. >> lillian reporting. >> remains of mexican americans superstar jenni rivera is now at a mortuary in long beach. her family identified the remains earlier today and went ahead with cremation without waiting for dna results. she and 6 wrors killed sunday when they are learjet crashed in mexico. students at 2 by area schools will see extra security tomorrow. sheriff's deputy will be on campus at these 2 schools after bomb threat forced the closure of both schools today. graffiti scrolled on wall at lynn brook high in san jose claim there was a bomb at mont vista and threatened to kill a teacher. no did he advice found. and they are making sure the teacher named in the threat is protected. >> up next. sex drug scandal,
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rehab and reconciliation and troubled ex lover disturbing text to the abc 7 news i team. >> and spoon feeding sugar to the nation. mega stars coming under fire tonight. >> then later on "nightline". >> come up next on nightline with a bomb shell storage war cushion. we ask how real your faith reality tv show are these days. my interview with the rolling stones on the once in a life time tour celebrating 50 years of sex drug [ female announcer ] can your pancake mix do this? sure, bisquick makes delicious pancakes, but that's just the start. unleash the hidden power of bisquick. see what you can make at
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ñ >> well one of the bay area bi
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biggest political scandal of the year took a major turn today. nadia former alameda county supervisor and wife of state treasurer bill dropped her request for restraining order against her former boyfriend. dan has the exclusive i team investigation. >> her attorney asked the judge to delay hearing nadia request for restraining order against former boyfriend steve jack until she gets out of rehab in february. the scandal blew up 10 months ago after a violent confrontation between l them that the newark motel. it left her with scrapes and deep bruises. but authorities declined to press charges. after they publicly discussed the meth use and sex tape they made she resigned from the alameda county board of supervisor and entered rehab. the judge suggested dropping the issue of restraining order for now and rescheduling if necessary when nadia returns to the bay area. >> court would take it off calendar and reissue we'll do
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that. okay good enough thank you. >>reporter: what do you think the odds are of you come bang. do you think this could die right here. >> i think there's a good chance this may die here. nadia will go through treatmen treatment. reconsider her options and one of the options will be of course to continue to pursue this another option may to let matters lie the way they are and mav on with their life. >>reporter: her husband bill filed for divorce in july. but that's now on hold. that bill and nadia are working well together. he's paying for rehab and bringing their son to southern california regularly to visit nadia it's a much different story for steve chic chick. there's a warrant for his arrest after he missed court appearance. police say he tried to steal a sweatshirt from macy while high on meth in august. i texted him before the hearing today asking if he would attend. he answered not feeling like going to jail and they would take me if i showed. i can't get past this connection her and i had was so strong. last night i slept on
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the streets again. i lost everything because of her and the life she forced me into. i tried to call him several take place see if he's okay but got his voice mail. these are streams of his tech on our welcome back site. nadia is still facing truck and child endangerment charges in southern california but her lawyer says the case may dropped if she does well if rehab. for the i team, abc 7 news. well of l we honor the resip yaept of 2012 profile of excellence awards tonight. 24 years property file of excellent series celebrated the bay area diversity. each 15 people honored have made important contributions to our communicate. you are invited view recent episode of profile of excellence at our web site. amazing people doing amazing things. >> congratulationss to all of them. >> we want to thank you for making abc 7 share your holiday
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food drive. w success. we broadcast from several locations around the bay area yesterday asking to you donate food money for bay area food bank. there's michael in action in walnut creek. all together you do naturallyed more than 22,000 dollars to the bay area food bank just yesterday. that translation is food for 70,000 people. share your hotel difficult food drive continues through december 31. by callingate do alling this number on the screen. you can also get 10 dollars texting feed to this number on the screen. that is such difference. so many people still in need this time of year. weather forecast rain is coming and you already know it's cold. >> really cold. sandy is here with the forecast. >> cold frosty tonight as we look at this. high clouds approaching. radar on mount saint helena track ago few drops as we head into tomorrow
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morning. right now you can see the chill in the air. 33 in nap a.close to freezing already in fairfield. 34. 35 in santa rosa. i just updated these so i thought would i shawr them with you. another frosty morning inland. chance of light rape tomorrow. more rain in the forecast for the weekend but don't cancel your plans. not going to be that bad. morning low down toly the santa rosa. 32 napa livermore. arou close to that 35. 33 in con cor. 38 for palo alto. 39 san mateo o. make sure you have at least a coat or jacket even gloves would come in handy and kids have the jack thaet would be good. here's the next front. bring us a chance of light rain for your friday. but as we look at computer animation in a moment you will see what will happen. series of storms are setting up over the pacific over the next 7 days but this really doesn't mean a complete wash-out over the next 7 days. computer animation tomorrow morning.
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5:00 a.m. clouds around as we head into about 9:00 a.m. few showers may skirt the coast around san mateo santa cruz new hampshire "newsnight"tame san jose to santa cruz. could see few showers best chance is in those areas really for the rest of you mix of sun and clouds. saturday looking fine until the late morning hours. 10:00 a.m. start to see rain developing. most saturday afternoon evening light moderate rape. could see snow mixing in lake county near ukiah area. showers. rest of the sunday actually looking just fine. light showers for your sunday. tomorrow chance of few showers. carry umbrella on the safe side. kotd or jaeingt. will remain chilly. sunny break out there as well and around the bay. temperatures remain lly. let's check out accu-weather 7 day forego. chance of light written tomorrow. see skies
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out there as well. rain on sachlts wetter of the two days for the weekend. unsettled monday and then you look there. it's wet and breezy on tuesday. milder storm wednesday a break and then more rain in the mix thursday for really the entire day as of rate now the storm latest computer model, don't look terribly impressive now for the moyvlingts next week. >> okay. >> we lick that. >> we have giants news. >> yes. larry here with all that. >> the giants they have a way of going about things. not splurging but bringing back one of the blast to the past. torrez will return. question is at what position? is at what position? sports coming up
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into good evening. dodgers zoom past the 200 million dollar payroll the giants are sticking to the plan. sticking to the budget. a little here a little there. bringing back fan favorite torrez outfielder one year del for two million dollars. he was key contributor on the 2010 world series team. he was dealt to the mets in the angel deal and now coming back. torrez could end up starting in left field. seeing the dodgers splurge angel have to spend to compete in the l.a. mat. they have josh hamilton 5 years 1 25 million dollars. hamilton 43 homeers last season for texas. hamilton pool hose, trouingt all in the same line up for the angels. nightmare for opposing pitchers. last team to beat the war yrs orlando. 10 days
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ago. same magic team that the warriors face tomorrow night in florida. gelleden state on fire lately. beat the nba champion heat last tonight for the fifth consecutive win. all wins on the run they have a lot of confidence and a score to settle tomorrow nature in orlando we are ready to roll. excited we have reconvention against orlando again. i think that orlando loss at oracle was good because it let us no he that we have to come out and may our best ball on the road trip but at the same time we are better than those guys i think and ready to get back another win. >> mick and lakers facing his old team the knicks in new yor york. reeling right now. to the hoop with authority by anthony. he wlevt a sprained ankle. all knicks early. raymond to beat the buzzer at the half. 70-49 knicks. kobe leading furious charge. it up
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3 -- tough 3. perfect at home. a slam off the up. knicks win it 116-107. lakers they have lost 4 straight. high school hoop on espn in texas to face travis. 1 hand hammer he had 14 points. travis they have a pair of star. harrison twins, aaron off glass that over time 15 seconds left in o t. there's harrison again with lay up. 26. travis up 1. gordon for the tie. deep 3. in and out. holds on over time victory 56-53. 7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> thank you larry. >> yes. well up next how one of the most famous piano in history can be yours. >> we have that story for you
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>> all right when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning make sure you have the lirs on. it's a cold morning. low 30's to the mid 40's certainly dropping below freezing in our inland valley to the east bay inland valley under a frost advisory 2 to 8:00 a.m. frida friday. by 8:00 a.m. only mid 30's to mid 40's. there's a chance of a few light showers. mike will be here with complete updates in the morning. >> thanks very much. >> now look what's buzzing. >> if you are a if of casablanca now is the chance to play it again. one of the 2 piano featured in the classic will be auctioned off in new
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york and not expected the sell for just a song. they hope it fetches up to 1.2 million dollars e.lebron james facing some responsibility for spoon feeding the nation sugar. researcher has calculated the nba star deal with could coal and mcdonald's add up to 1 bill spoonful of sugar and beyonce should rethink pepsi for the same reason. >> kim is person of the year. at least reader poll and on line campaign encourage people to vote for lil kim as said there. he got 5 and half million votes. magazine real person of the year is sdooded -- decided by the editor of team and revealed next week. >> in the to be accused with the other lil kim. the rapper. >> oh. yes. >> and abc 7 news reporter. >> we call lil kim. >> first lil kim.
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>> she's the original lil kim. >> that's right. he was thinking of the cover and we should super impose that post card on it. get to work. >> kim might have something to say about that. >> night line-up next. captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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